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Video lessons and follow up questions that address bullying, cyberbullying, racism, drama, bystander intervention, resilience, mental health, suicide prevention, ADHD, and diversity.


Average video: 6 Minutes

Why and How to Apologize

Why Forgiveness Helps the Forgiven and the Forgiver

Stop Excluding and Start Including

Block Out the Drama for Better Mental health

HIB Laws and the Legal Consequences of Cyber Bullying

Have the Courage to be an Upstander

Ignore Bullies to Take Away Their Power

How to Deal with Middle School Drama

Move from Bystander to Upstander

Four Forms of Bullying Defined: Middle School

Four Forms of Bullying Defined: High School

Encouraging Struggling Students to Get Help

School Should be a Safe and Accepting Place for All Students

The Link between Social Media Addiction and Anxiety/Depression Explained

Why Being Obsessed With Popularity Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression

The Legal Consequences of Sexting Explained

The Hidden Psychology Behind Cyberbullying

Don’t Judge Others by Appearance and Don’t Be Obsessed With Your Own

Don’t Judge Others by Appearance and Don’t Be Obsessed With Your Own

Don’t Categorize Others or Let Yourself be Categorized

Do Not Bully Others Due to Sexual Orientation

Appreciate Differences and Expect Exceptional Outcomes

How to Get Help When Dealing With Suicidal Ideation

Expanding Your Friendship Group Will Enrich Your Life

Believe in Yourself and Your Unique Strengths

Middle School is Awkward But

You WILL Make It

Dealing with Negative Expectations

Why Taking a Stand Matters

You Only Have One Life and One Body

Sign the Anti-Bullying Pledge

Sign the Anti-Bullying Pledge

Videos and follow up questions that address drug and alcohol abuse, vaping, peer pressure, dropout prevention, and the legal/financial consequences of getting a DUI or possession charge.


Average video: 7 Minutes

The Long Term Costs of Dropping Out

The Plain Truth About Drug Use

The Long Term Consequences of Getting a DUI

Drug Use Can Diminish Cognitive Functioning Which Leads to Diminished Income Potential

The Contrast Between the Perception and Reality of Teen Drinking

Accessory and Accessory After the Fact Explained

Alcohol Poisoning Explained

Why One Drug Leads to Another

Why One Drug Leads to Another

Giving into Peer Pressure Can

Diminish Your Future

Teacher professional development workshop with discussion questions broken into sequential components.


Average video: 7 Minutes

Show the Value of a Bullied Student

How Small Social Triumphs Can

Lead to Social Acceptance

How to Dismantle Cliques to Create

Positive Change

How to Respond When a Parent

or Guardian Calls

How to Teach Students Not to Give the Bullies What They Want

How to Effectively Deal With the Aggressor After the Event

How to Reduce or Eliminate Cyberbullying at the School Level

Summary of Interventions and Approach

Stream to parents and guardians content on resiliency, internet safety, gaming and social media addiction, and adapting to today’s technology obsessed youth culture

Complete Workshop option is one hour thirteen minutes

You also have the option of streaming to parents in three, twenty-four minute components

You will be able to stream the below videos to students, parents, and guardians for three consecutive days, three times a year.


Average video: 24 Minutes

Long Term Strategies to Help Your Children Thrive in Today’s Youth Culture: Complete Program – 1 hour and 13 minutes

How Building Confidence, Competency, and Identity will Protect Your Child From a Toxic Culture – 24 minutes

Why and How to Build Resiliency in Your Child – 24 minutes

How to Use Technology to Prevent Addiction – 24 minutes

New videos on these topics and additional topics coming out quarterly

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