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Anti Bullying Videos and SEL Video Curriculum by Educational Comedian Keith Deltano

Keith provides videos that address bullying, cyber bullying, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol awareness, resilience, dropout prevention, good decision making, and other SEL education issues. Keith’s presentations are structured as short video lessons with follow up questions. You will be able to stream these engaging videos per class, school wide, district wide, and even directly to students’ personal devices.

Anti Bullying and SEL Video Lessons for High School, Middle School, and Elementary School Students

Teachers and administrators will be able to choose individual video lessons that are age appropriate for the grade levels and demographics they serve. Educators are in control of which video they show.  Each video can be picked as a stand-alone lesson that addresses immediate needs and the curriculum does not require all the videos to be shown in order.

Demo Video

Middle school boy being cyberbullied

Stop Cyber Bullying at Your School

How to Stop Bullying at Your School

You will be able to stop bullying and cyberbullying at your school by running a school or district wide anti bullying campaign that employs short, impactful video lessons and follow up questions, as well as teacher PDI content.  Change aggressive student behavior by streaming video lessons school wide or even to students’ personal devices as homework. “One and done” does not work long term – strategic, focused campaigns do.

Frustrated with HIB referrals, the ongoing distractions drama causes, social media abuse, vaping, and drug and alcohol use within the population you serve?

anti bullying video presenter

Educational Comedian Keith Deltano Can Help With That

Keith’s anti bullying and SEL videos will engage the most cynical, distracted, and angst filled teen with comedy.

Subscribe and start streaming life changing videos.

Keith provides videos that address bullying, cyber bullying, suicide prevention, drama, drug and alcohol awareness, resilience, dropout prevention, mental illness education, dealing with learning disabilities, good decision making, peer pressure, and other character education issues.


Average video length: six minutes


Each video comes with follow-up questions

What to do when the parent of a bullying victim calls
What to do when the parent of a bullying victim calls
What to do when the parent of a bullying victim calls
Dealing with social media abuse and addiction
Confidence gives victory over mean girl drama
Elementary school girl in cape showing a with hands on hip showing stance of power and courage
don’t judge a book by its cover – no racism,  prejudice, or bullying – open book with hand writing title
stop bullying activities for teachers and students – elementary students holding a stop bullying sign

Also Includes Parent Education and Teacher Professional Development Videos That are Appropriate for High, Middle, and Elementary School Guardians and Educators.

Keiths steaming curriculum is different because, in addition to the student videos, it contains videos specifically targeted to the two groups most educational streaming providers ignore: teachers and parents.

The subscription fee will give you access to teacher training videos for professional development days. These videos are organized under the title, “Bully Proof Your Classroom: How to Preempt the Drama Before it Starts.”  This program lines up with ESSA Professional Development Standards.

You will also have access to a parent education videos that can be streamed to students, parents, and guardians. These videos are organized under the title, “Bully Proof Your Child: How to Keep Your Teen Safe Online, Monitor Social Media, and Promote Resiliency.”

Character Education and Anti Bullying Programs – Do They Work?

There is research that anti bullying assemblies do not create long term behavioral change.  Keith believes these studies are correct.  When one considers the immediacy of the adolescent brain, an assembly with no follow-up will not produce long term positive impact.  However, there is ample research that ongoing anti bullying and character education programs do have a positive outcome on school culture and individual student behavior.  These studies show that student and teacher education as well as parent education and outreach contribute significantly to garnering positive outcomes.  Character Video is the only character and anti-bullying streaming curriculum that offers parent targeted content.

Boredom is the Enemy of Learning

Keith’s style is somewhat edgy and a bit loud.  However, due to the influence of social media, gaming, and the amount of time spent watching a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or watch, today’s teens have incredibly short attention spans as well as what researchers are calling, a “cynical worldview.”  Keith’s transparent and energetic delivery style is an adaptation to this. 

You are Right, They are Different

Magnetic brain imaging has shown that teens are processing the world around them differently because of the amount of time they are spending online, gaming, or consuming streamed content.  If you have been in education long enough you know this is true – they have changed.  Students are simply more difficult to reach, instruct, teach, impact, or connect with.

The short sentence structure Keith uses during his presentations as well as variance in volume, comedic interludes, intensity, storytelling, personal transparency, and blunt summaries are a response to the way teens have changed in their ability to process verbal and visual input.  In short: they are bored easily.  When they are bored they check out, when they check out they do not learn. 

The talking head or lecture style presentation simply does not capture them. Keith’s video curriculum takes into account how teens have changed. His presentation style is different…but it works.

Video Curriculum Feedback

After Keith performed his assemblies for our middle and high schools, we implemented his video curriculum and we have seen a decrease in cyberbullying / harassment problems during the school year.

Jim Kuhn, Principal

Powell High School, WY


The video lessons received great feedback from students, parents, and the board of education.

Kimberly Jacobson, Student Assistance Counselor

North Haledon Schools, NJ


SOLUTIONS…That’s what our junior high campus needed and that’s what we got from Keith Deltano’s anti-bullying curriculum!  So many of the programs out there were out of step with our needs.  Keith’s program can be customized  and he is an amazing presenter! 

Diana Russell, Counselor

Linden, TX ISD


Streaming Keith’s videos into our schools and classrooms had a positive effect on student behavior and the school culture.  When we showed short clips school wide it created a positive buzz and the students discussed the clips amongst themselves for the rest of the day.

Rodney Alamo, Niagara Youth Council

Niagara, NY

Keith’s anti bullying resources were well received by the teachers, students, and administrators. The students are always asking when we are going to show another comedy clip.

Dan Durglo, District Anti Bullying Coordinator

St. Ignatius Public Schools, MT

Keith’s video lessons were incredible and his discussion questions were effective. The curriculum was easy to use and the kids loved it.

Edward Garcia, Principal

Winters Middle School, TX

Keith’s use of “serious comedy” really hooked the students and brought his positive message home.

Erica Butler, School Counselor

South Middle School, OR

Compared to the other video curriculums, your character education videos and follow-up questions are exceptional, engaging, and fun!!! We love the manner in which you use comedy in your presentations and have observed a decrease in bullying/cyberbullying at our site.

Loretta Easterling, Assistant Director, 21st Century After School Program

Kingstree Middle Magnet School, Kingstree, SC

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