Sample Lessons

Below you will find sample video lessons. At this time there are fifty two student targeted video lessons with more to be added quarterly. For a complete list of topics addressed please go to Video Topics.

Play the video then press pause after the questions appear.  If there is a second set of questions you will be prompted to press play and pause again.  Please take time to look over the questions, they require students to apply, analyze and evaluate, as well as do independent research.

Middle and High School

The following video lesson, “Signing the Pledge: Younger,” includes the video itself, instructions on how to use it, and a PDF of the pledge you can print for each student to sign while watching the video. 

Elementary School

The following video lesson is from the elementary school series. In this video students come on stage and interact with Keith – several of the elementary school videos feature students and teachers onstage.


The Teacher Workshop is one hour and thirty minutes divided into eight video lessons with follow up questions. Following is one of the eight.


The Parent Workshop is one hour and thirteen minutes broken into three components.  Due to the length of The Parent Workshop videos we are not featuring one of them on the sample page.

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