Frequently Asked Questions


What grade levels are the video lessons appropriate for?

The majority of the videos and follow up questions are designed for both middle and high school students. There is also a separate elementary school series. A few are age level specific and are labeled as such. For example, the video lesson on the legal consequences of sexting may not be appropriate for younger grades. Teachers and administrators have control over which individual videos to show.

How much prep time is required?

None. For a classroom teacher the clips and follow-up questions are self-explanatory. So, even if viewed for the first time on the first day of the campaign, an experienced classroom teacher would be able to jump right in and lead an exciting discussion session using the follow-up questions provided.

How long is each lesson?

The average video is an intense six minutes followed by thought provoking discussion questions. Depending on the amount of time teachers spend on the discussion questions, each lesson may take ten to twenty-five minutes.

What topics are covered?

For a complete list of topics go to Video Topics

How does it work?

After subscribing, the school will get a subscription code and will be able to stream any choice of student or teacher workshop video lesson at any time, as frequently as they would like. Schools can choose to stream school wide to every classroom smart board/monitor or the classroom teacher can access the site and stream directly to their individual class monitor/smart board. There is also the option of picking an individual video lesson and streaming it directly to student’s individual laptops.

What about the parent workshop video lessons?

Parent education videos may be streamed off campus to parents and guardians for three consecutive days three times per year.

How does the payment process work?

After picking your package you will click through and fill in the number of schools purchased for and then click through to the credit card processing window. We use Stripe credit card processing – the most secure and reputable credit processor for this level application. After completing the purchase process you should receive your access code within one business day to use with the login button on the site.

What if we need an invoice or to submit a purchase order?

If the above process will not work with your financial department, you may use the “submit purchase order” button on the bottom of the pricing page. You may also use the “contact” button at the bottom of the pricing page if you need an invoice or anything else to enable payment.

Will I be able to Preview Videos?

Yes, once you get your login code you will be able to log in and preview all the videos.

Are the anti bullying pledges appropriate for both middle and high school?

You will find two versions of the pledge once you purchase the kit, get the code, and enter the streaming portion of the site – one for the older grades that addresses bullying due to sexual orientation and one for the younger grades that does not include a portion on sexual orientation. You will also find two clips that walk students through signing the anti bullying pledge. They are called “Signing the Pledge”, with a version labeled younger and one labeled older. You would preview both clips and use the clip and pledge you feel is appropriate for the maturity level and grade level of your students.

Do I have to show all the videos for the program to be effective?

No, you may pick and choose what videos you would like to show based on what your school/class is dealing with and what you feel is appropriate and would have the most impact. You are not forced into a sequence.

What about privacy and security?

Find out how we work to keep your information safe at Privacy Policy

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